3D images

Read this information carefully before entring the gallery I've been searching a web site where 3D images namely in mpo format could be exchanged for some time. There are many general image sharing web sites, such as Picasa, Flickr etc., but those usually do not accept mpo files for upload at all. There is also few web sites specialized to 3D images sharing. However, none of these specialized 3D web sites allows to download the mpo files. They usually only allow to convert the image into anaglyph or view it side-by-side, or, if you have specialized hardware, you can perhaps view it on your 3D monitor in a small resolution.

My idea was to have web site, where user could upload 3D images and anyone could download it and bring it to his/her 3D TV on a flash drive and display it. Lots of people own 3D TV but I personally know nobody with 3D monitor.

So when nothing like that could be found on the web, I decided to create my own. The gallery is based on the Gallery3 project and is slightly accomodated to accept mpo files. I will personally use it to share my 3D photos taken by various methods - either by cha-cha method, by my Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 camera, or by my specialized device created from two Canon compact cameras.

Anybody can send registration request, I will set up the user account and send the connection details back via e-mail. Each user can upload his/her images and create subfolder of his/her root folder (album). The user can add comments, modify the album and photo properties, such as the title, description etc., but cannot modify the folder permissions.

Each image once uploaded can be downloaded by anybody (even by non-registered guests) immediately. This is the meaning of sharing, by my opinion. Of course, the owner of image can delete it, if it finds it unappropriate.

General rules for uploading images There is a size limit 2MB for single image. This is less than usual size of image taken by Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 camera, but it is fully sufficient to hold FullHD mpo image. So I advice to use specialized software to downscale your image to 1920x1080 pixels prior uploading it.

The preferred image format is mpo (multiple picture object). Side-by-side images can also be accpted. Please avoid uploading of 2d images and images with controversaly content, such a porn etc.

Registered users can also enter comments to any image, please avoid using rude words. The languages available for comments are English, Czech and Slovak - these are the languages I am able to moderate. Comments in any other language will be deleted! (I'm sorry for that.) Also images and comments with bad content will be deleted.

Finally this site is not intended as a personal backup. So if there is a web outage or whatever which may cause the data loss, I take no liability for that.

So if you agree with these conditions, ENTER THE GALLERY.


Few useful hints regarding 3D software If you want to download mpo or jps image, and your web browser insists on saving the file as jpeg, go to browser settings and add mpo and jps extension to your MIME types. The MIME type is the same as for jepg (image/jpeg).

If you need to edit your 3D images, there is a good program for Windows called StereoPhoto Maker. On Linux, you can use my command line utility which can assmeble and dissabemble mpo files. The utility is called mpoutils and shoud work both on Linux and Windows. Finally, Linux users can use a Gimp plugin, however, this one cannot save monochrome images.


If you have questions or comments, contact the site administrator.